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You've read the article's title: today we're going to talk about H2CBD. As you've probably guessed, it's a synthetic molecule created in the laboratory. It sits right between CBD and H4CBD. At least on a molecular level, because, as we shall see, in terms of bioavailability and [...].

In the world of CBD, new cannabinoids are discovered almost every month. Between those that are among the hundred or so that the plant can produce and which have not yet been catalogued, and those that are created from scratch or simply chemically "improved", there's really no time to [...].

Today we're going to talk about a revolutionary new drying method: Freeze Drying. We recently discovered this technique with our new acquisition, the Freeze Kush Mints, and we can tell you that we've really fallen in love with it. Want to know why? Follow the article, we'll [...]

Have you ever heard of Rosin? It's an extraction technique that gives its name to the product it creates, a bit like ice-o-Lator. This famous product is a concentrate of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids of a new kind: totally natural, extracted without any solvents. Want to find out more? Here's our [...]

THC acetate ester (THC-O or THCOA) is a synthetic cannabinoid that has been around for decades. It was much in the news in the 70s for its "spiritual and psychedelic" potential. After this spotlight, it was banned in many countries. But in recent years, with the relaxation of the various [...]

The list of new cannabinoids available on the market continues to grow. Between the cannabinoids naturally present in hemp (THCV, THCP...) and those created in the laboratory (THCPO, HHCPO...), there is today an incredible variety of choices. To this long list, we must now add THC-jd, or from its full name : [...]

CBD consumption in France has risen steadily in recent years. According to Santé Publique France, in 2023, 1 in 10 French people said they had consumed CBD, if only to try it. 1. CBD is a wellness product whose primary use is to regulate stress, and work is one of the main [...].

Today, we're dealing with a question that comes up a lot: CBD behind the wheel, can you lose your driving license if you've consumed CBD before hitting the road? It's a legitimate question, since CBD is legal and has no psychoactive effects, but you can lose your license if you've consumed [...].

If you keep up to date with what's new in the world of cannabinoids, you're bound to have heard of synthetic cannabinoids. H4CBN, H3CBN, THCV, HHCPO and the list goes on: these "neo-cannabinoids" mostly appeared after the HHC ban in France and more widely in Europe for their psychotropic and above all addictive properties. But as [...]