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As its name suggests, The Cream is a soft, sticky hash with a shiny appearance and a dark brown color. This resin emanates a beautiful, classic smell, slightly reminiscent of candy, providing real olfactory pleasure. It also promises a pure taste treat.


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The Cream 

Product features:

  • CBD 20%
  • THC <0,3%
  • CBG : ***
  • CBN : ***
  • Taste: ***
  • Texture : Soft, sticky
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Power in the mouth: strong
  • Effect: very powerful effects, only for informed consumers

The cream, a premium CBD resin

Would you like to experiment with a premium CBD resin? Without hesitation, we recommend CBD Cream. As its name suggests, this is a hash, but not just any hash - it's perhaps one of the best in our CBD category. Different in texture and effect, this hashish promises a most pleasurable olfactory and gustatory experience. Why try this resin? What sensations can you expect from this top-of-the-range CBDOO hashish?

The Cream CBD: presentation of an authentic and natural CBD resin

It's not by chance that this resin is called La Crème, and we didn't have to look far to find its name: it's the crème de la crème of our CBD resins. Indeed, this hash stands out in many respects, with specific features that make it a first-rate resin. Hemp purists in search of CBD-concentrated hash swear by this resin, and that's no coincidence either.

Like the majority of our CBD resins, Crème comes from hemp flowers harvested at maturity and boasting a remarkable cannabinoid profile. These have then been chopped, sieved and cold-pressed by hand, using an ancestral method. This cold-pressing technique respects the product and its essence. The result is a dense, richly aromatic resin whose active ingredients are universally acclaimed.

Our resin has a glossy appearance and a particularly dark brown hue, combined with a soft, creamy, sticky texture. CBD Resin Cream is generally presented in the form of a ball, to preserve its core while creating a protective shell. This CBD hash remains easy to handle, however, and can be crumbled into a blend of your choice.

Cannabinoid profile and product legality

Our creamy resin is a blend of different cannabinoids: CBD, CBG, CBN. Its THC content is less than 0. 3%, in compliance with European cannabis legislation. What's more, the cream is tested by an independent laboratory to certify its THC concentration. A certificate of analysis is issued for each batch, confirming these figures and the legality of our creamy hashish in France and the European Union.

The product's CBD content is high , representing 20% of the product. This level also promises intense relaxation.

How to cut, eat and taste CBD Cream

Like most of our resins, this CBD hash can be crumbled by hand. It can also be cut with a slightly hot knife blade. Ideally, the temperature should be between 25 and 30°C. The product can be infused in a fatty substance such as coconut oil, crème fraîche or boiled water. Infusion promotes the absorption of cannabinoids and the manifestation of the active ingredients in Cheap CBD Resin Cream.

This infusion emanates a beautiful, classic resin scent reminiscent of candy and sweet, earthy fragrances. It also reveals notes of pine, fruit and wood. In terms of taste, our resin is a pure delight, with its sweet, creamy flavors, coupled with a lemony, earthy taste.

The Cream CBD, the perfect resin for relaxation

For hemp purists looking to relax and blow off steam, our CBD Cream would be the perfect product. With its high concentration of CBD, it will quickly plunge you into a state of absolute relaxation. You'll feel soothed, calm and serene. These sensations, although similar to those of Chocolate Blast, are more moderate.

Opinions also suggest that our resin has supposed effects on pain and stress. It relieves the body of muscular tension and aches and pains. It also acts on the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety. People prone to emotional stress would appreciate this resin, as would those prone to insomnia. The Cream is said to be responsible for a momentary euphoria and energy boost in some users.

Although reported by many of our consumers, these opinions, particularly the supposed therapeutic effects, should be treated with caution. Indeed, there are very few in-depth scientific studies to unequivocally confirm these effects. Nonetheless, the relaxing and soothing power of CBD resin is indisputable.

Product availability

Cheap CBD resin la Crème is available in our online CBD store at unbeatable prices. You can buy it in 1, 2, 4, 10, 20, 50 or 100 gram formats, depending on your needs and desires. We offer you a mobile-friendly site, as well as secure payment methods that protect your data.

We also offer various delivery solutions: Colissimo, GLS, Chronopost. What's more, for every online purchase of CBDOO Cream or any other CBDOO product worth at least 50 euros, we offer free shipping. You'll also benefit from a choice of gifts. Once you've received your product, make sure you store it properly, ideally in a dry, dark place out of the reach of children.

CBDOO, a brand committed to quality

At CBDOO, we're committed to protecting the environment and offering top-quality products at fair prices. For this reason, both the Cream and our hydroponic CBD flowers come from hemp varieties that respect the environment. Carefully selected, they are produced by controlled growers who use traditional methods and comply with the requirements of organic farming in Europe.

Our products are certified GMO, pesticide and enhancer free. We protect minors and prohibit the sale of our products to them. The consumption of our resins and flowers is also forbidden to pregnant and breast-feeding women. Consuming CBD la Crème resin before driving is also strictly forbidden.


What our customers say about

  1. Vato -

    It's typing close to "special", you don't do 10. Always have 1 or 2 grams to spare.

  2. Tetrahydroadrenaline -

    A real nugget, this resin.
    The taste is excellent and reminiscent of good old-fashioned teuchi.
    Very pleasant to vape.

  3. Bikami -

    I love it, it's heavy

  4. Perpan -

    The texture and appearance are magnificent. I loved the smell and taste.

  5. Huss -

    Identical to the previous batch, a pleasure to find it again, it's excellent.

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