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40% CBD resin, compacted

Odor / taste: The odor and taste are very strong and similar to classic resin, with a resin and flower aroma, accompanied by a cheesy scent.

Texture: Soft, oily, crumbly, light-brown resin.

THC < 0,3%


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Cheesy Iceolator

  • THC : < 0.3%
  • CBD: 40% OF TOTAL
  • CBG : < 0.4%
  • CBN : < 0.2%
  • CBC : < 0.2%
  • CBDV : < 0.1%
  • Taste: vegetal and cheesy
  • Texture: soft and sandy
  • Color: light brown
  • Power in the mouth: strong
  • Effect: powerful, soothing and relaxing

Discover Cheesy Ice O Lator, a naturally powerful resin

Travel to the land of delights, where the bewitching aroma of our cheesy Ice-o-Lator awaits you for a moment of intense relaxation.

Thanks to this innovative and totally natural refinement technique, we can offer you the crème de la crème of resin. A product of unrivalled purity and intense flavour that will delight your palate and your senses.

Sink into your sofa and enjoy!


What is the cheesy Ice-o-Lator?

Ice O Lator is an innovative ice-based extraction process. It is used to obtain very high quality hash from plant material (flowers, leaves, branches...). The ice used during the process freezes the terpenes and trichomes so that they gently detach from the plant material.

If you're wondering what trichomes and terpenes are, it's simple: trichomes are small doses of concentrated cannabinoids, the little white dots you can see with the naked eye on buds. Terpenes, on the other hand, are invisible, natural aromatic molecules.

Using a technique that respects both the environment and the plant, we bring these two components together to create a highly refined hashish of incredible perfection and a deep, delicate aroma.


History of the cheesy IceoLator

This revolutionary technique was patented in the 90s by a Dutch company: the Pollinator Company. Its first name was "Neder Hash", in reference to the country where it was conceived. The company then marketed the process under the name Ice-o-Lator. The name we use today.

We know who patented Ice-o-Lator, but as with CBD Moonrocks, it's not easy to find out exactly who invented Neder hash.

Some attribute its development to hash queen Mila Jansen, a pioneer of the Dutch smoking industry. Others claim it was developed by the duo of Robert Connell Clarke, an American ethnobotanist, and Sam the Skunkman, an American grower based in Holland and the eccentric author of The Creators of Sacred Seeds".

Whoever invented it, this technique is now used by a large number of distributors around the world, to the delight of the most demanding resin enthusiasts.



The principle behind the Ice-o-Lator is quite simple: we separate the cannabinoid-laden elements and recover them using sieve bags. As we pass from bag to bag, we recover finer and finer residues, until we obtain a true cannabinoid concentrate of crystalline purity.

The technique can be used with leaves, branches and manicure residues (trim) or with beautiful heads for an even stronger, more delicate blend.

Some people are reluctant to use heads to create Ice-o-Lator hash, as it takes around 100 grams of CBD head to obtain just 10 to 20 grams of Ice-o-Lator (hash/chessy).

For us, it's worth the effort. For our Ice-o-Lator (hash/chessy), we only use buds loaded with CBD. That's why our product is so tasty and potent.

Step 1: Brewing

For this step, we place our previously frozen CBD buds, water and ice in our extraction machine. The machine beats gently to separate the different elements.

Stage 2: extraction and harvesting

Once threshing is complete, all that remains is to filter the mixture to separate the terpenes and trichomes from the grassy residues.

As they pass through the various extraction bags, the residues become finer and finer. The mixture takes on an ochre-red color after the 200-micron sieve. It turns green after the 120-micron sieve and ends up brown after 90 microns. We repeat the process down to 25 microns, to obtain the finest possible hash.

Step 3: Drying

With the use of water to create our Iceolator, drying is an essential step. But as with our CBD flowers, this step is more perilous than it seems. To obtain a high-quality hash, you need to proceed with great care.
Drying too harshly risks damaging the cannabinoids and altering the taste of the product. If it doesn't dry fast enough, fungi and other bacteria can develop, degrading the product and potentially endangering the consumer.


Final stage: curing

Curing, or refining, is of paramount importance. It enables our Ice O Lator (hash/chessy) to reach an ideal texture and reveal its subtle, delicate aroma.

The product is left to mature in a controlled atmosphere away from light. In this way, certain undesirable molecules degrade, leaving room for the trichomes and terpenes. The latter can then reveal all their pleasant aromas and gentle potency.


Ice-o-Lator or Bubble hash?

If you've ever read articles about Ice-o-Lator, you'll have noticed that the authors often confuse Ice-o-Lator hash with Bubble hash. It's not a mistake: it's the same product!

Some also use the name "full-melt hash". The reason? Under the microscope, Iceolator looks like a collection of trichomes melted together. It can also be found under the name "Water Hash", in reference to its extraction process.

The name Bubble hash comes from the name of its extraction machine: the Bubbleator. It's simply a simplified extraction machine for the home.

Ice-o-Lator: 100% legal hash

Ice-o-Lator CBD, like CBD flowers and derivatives, is legal in France and Europe as long as its THC content is less than 0.3%.

OurIce O Lator hash CBD is made from hemp varieties authorized by the European Union and comes from controlled suppliers. Like our other products, it has a certificate of analysis attesting a THC content of less than 0.3%. It is therefore perfectly legal.

The Cheesy Iceolator : the best resin at the best price

To produce our Ice o Lator Hash and Cheesy Iceolator we use only premium-quality CBD flowers. These resins are extracted from unpollinated female CBD flowers, grown naturally and organically without insecticides or pesticides.


Our Cheesy Iceolator is of the highest quality. For this hash, as with all products, quality determines price, but it is possible to make Ice-o-Lator CBD hash without necessarily reaching astronomical cost.

Thanks to the expertise of our masters growers, who ensure optimal harvests, and our optimized production method, we're able to provide you with the best Ice-o-Lator hash, subtly potent and inexpensive ! Enjoy!

Cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, THCP, THCV...) are sensitive to light. To ensure that your hash or flowers retain their full potency, please store them away from light, heat and humidity. All our products come from hemp varieties authorized by the European Union. They are not medicinal products and should not be used as such.

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  1. Alain -

    Received as a sample, pleasant effect! It tastes good, looks good, quite sticky but manageable.

  2. vndhonda -

    beaiu ash

  3. Oscar M. -

    It's worth its price, you won't be disappointed for CBD, it's very, very, very heavy stuff.

  4. Egdan -

    Worth the detour! Bonus one-day delivery!

  5. Gabriel Moradi -

    With its traditional yet cheesy taste, it's very good and you're bound to be satisfied.

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