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Enjoy the power of the tiger with the Golden Tiger THCPO! This super-powered pollen will surprise you with its effects and its quality. To the touch, it's very soft and compact, with a beautiful light brown color. You'll also be able to enjoy the sweet vegetal taste and traditional aromas thanks to Golden Tiger THCPO!

THCPO is a very potent legal product, different from CBD due to its psychoactive effects. Use in moderation, preferably by experienced users. Do not consume before driving. Do not use if pregnant or breast-feeding.


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Warning, Caution

This product has been illegal in France since June 04, 2024. It is forbidden to sell, buy or hold. The following text is no longer current. It was written before June 04, 2024 and has not been modified, as we have chosen to keep it as an archive.

Golden Tiger THCPO

  • THC : < 0.3%
  • THCPO: 20
  • CBD : < 10%
  • CBG : < 0.5%
  • CBN : < 0.5%
  • CBC : < 0.5%
  • Taste: classic resin
  • Texture: soft and sandy
  • Color: light brown
  • Power in the mouth: strong
  • Effect: very powerful effects, only for informed consumers

Golden Tiger THCPO: the power of the tiger in a resin

Enjoy an extraordinary experience with our excellent resin Golden Tiger THCPO RESIN. Imbued with bewitching aromas and a balanced cannabinoid composition, this THCPO resin has everything to please you and take you on a journey between potency and sensory pleasure. What effects does this hash produce? What about its aroma and taste? Find out everything you need to know about this tiger-like resin!

Golden Tiger genetic origin and composition of this resin

Our Golden Tiger is the result of a cross between its clone, " Elite Killer ", originally from Malawi, and " Meo Thaï ", a landrace selected from the mountains of Thailand. It is therefore a pure sativa, distinguished by its vigorous growth. The resin obtained from these cannabis plants is characterized by its particularly intense and long-lasting effects. To the touch, it is recognizable by its lovely light-brown color. Its texture is soft and sandy.

Another special feature of our Golden Tiger THCPO is its composition. It is a resin rich in cannabinoids . THCPO pollen is rich in CBG, CBN and CBC at a rate of 0.5%. Of course, it has a CBD content estimated at less than 10%. Finally, our hash also contains THCPO, the semi-synthetic cannabinoid which, in addition to its genetics, determines its potency.

Obtained by acetylation of THCP, the THCPO contained in the Golden Tiger is universally recognized for its potency. It is known for its potency and mild euphoric and psychoactive effects. In addition to these effects, the effects of this pure sativa are equally intense and significant.

Premium-quality THCPO resin

Like our CBD resins, this inexpensive THCPO hash is a quality product. It is obtained from hemp varieties selected and authorized in France and the European Union. Offered by controlled suppliers, the hemp plants used to make Golden Tiger THCPO comply with European legal standards. Each batch of THCPO flower is laboratory-analyzed and carries a certificate of analysis attesting to its THC content, which complies with legal levels.

The refinement of our pollen is also the fruit of our know-how and dexterity. To bring you this high-quality hash, we've implemented a traditional process, relied on quality ingredients and hand-crafted production. The result? A refined THCPO hash , whose active cannabinoid ingredients and aromas have been preserved.

What about the effects, aroma and flavor of Golden Tiger THCPO?

The Golden Tiger THCPO has distinctive effects, aroma and flavor.

Effects worthy of tiger strength

Our THCPO hybrid is an extremely powerful product, not only because of its genetics, but also because of its THCPO content. Many supposed effects are attributed to it. Our pure sativa hybrid is said to be a highly energizing and stimulating resin. Some consumers even associate this sensation with a temporary, but rather pleasant euphoria.

When you take Golden Tiger THCPO, you'll feel as awake and vigorous as a tiger for a long time to come. What's more, our THCPO sativa is said to produce a powerful cerebral and psychedelic effect, which is long-lasting. This effect is combined with a great sense of relaxation and release , as the resin-induced euphoria subsides.

As a result, you'll experience the calm so characteristic of the tiger, both cerebrally and physically. In fact, the combined action of CBD and THCPO makes Golden Tiger THCPO effective in relieving certain types of physical pain. It is also said to be useful in treating cases of stress and anxiety. Despite these supposed effects, which have yet to be scientifically confirmed, this THCPO hash cannot be considered a medicine.

What about the aromas of this THCPO pollen?

While this CBD derivative has a classic resin taste, it is also characterized by citric and sweet nuances. Its scent alternates between that of lemon and ripe mandarin orange, with hints of wood, spice and incense. A blend of scents and flavors you can enjoy by vaporizing, infusing or adding this hash to your dishes.

The Golden Tiger for whom, where and in what proportions?

As you can see, our cheap THCPO resin produces extraordinary effects. It will delight fans of intense sativa highs and those accustomed to powerful CBD derivatives. We do not recommend this THCPO pollen for occasional smokers or those sensitive to powerful cannabinoids.

As far as doses are concerned, everything depends on the habits and tolerance of each consumer. Aware of this, we offer this THCPO resin in several formats: 1, 2, 4, 10, 20, 50 and 100 grams, via our CBD Shop.

By choosing to buy Golden Tiger THCPO online on our website, you save time and benefit from numerous advantages. From free delivery on orders over 50 euros, to a choice of gifts and same-day dispatch of your order, we've put in place a number of solutions to ensure your satisfaction. We also offer a range of secure payment methods.

Our recommendations for use

Cannabinoids are light- and humidity-sensitive molecules. That's why it's important to store your product in conditions that preserve its quality. So, even if our Golden Tiger is packaged in an airtight, sealed package, store it in a dry, dark place. Obviously, the product must be kept out of the reach of children.

On the other hand, this inexpensive resin cannot be used as a substitute for medication. In fact, if you're sensitive to cannabinoids, you may need a doctor's advice before taking this THCPO-rich product. It is strictly forbidden for pregnant and breast-feeding women, and for minors. It is also forbidden to take Golden Tiger THCPO before driving.

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