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Here you'll find our Bubble Crunch with a CBD content approaching 99.6%. In the form of small lozenges, you can enjoy the effects of CBD all day long, in perfect discretion. An original way of using CBD in a form other than oils, resins or cannabinoid flowers.


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Product features :

  • THC : <0.3%
  • CBD: 99.6%.
  • Naturally grown, GMO and pesticide-free
  • Appearance: Blue (food coloring)
  • Texture : Concentrated in the form of small tablets.

What is Bubble Crunch of CBD?

The Bubble Crunch is a pure CBD concentrate in coloured lozenges, with a neutral taste. Made from hemp crops, and therefore CBD flowers, these lozenges are a practical and pleasant way to have CBD close to you throughout the day.

With a high CBD content of 99.6%, the Bubble Crunch is an isolated, compressed form of CBD, with food coloring. Despite the high CBD content, our Bubble Crunch complies with European legislation and is totally legal, with THC levels below 0.3%.

The effects of Bubble Crunch of CBD

CBD lozenges Bubble Crunch CBD lozenges bring you well-being, like all CBD products. Easy to carry in your bag or pocket, our Bubble Crunch CBD lozenges are the ideal way to benefit from the soothing effects of CBD, while enjoying a neutral taste.
These lozenges contain high levels of CBD for optimum effectiveness. At the office, at home or on the move, relax your body and mind and enjoy a more pleasant, less tense everyday life. Discretion and effectiveness guaranteed!

Quality, legal CBD concentrates

Our products come exclusively from controlled suppliers and are derived from hemp varieties authorized by the European Union. Product analyzed in an independent laboratory.

Each batch of CBD Concentrates has a certificate of analysis attesting to a THC level of less than 0.3%. Legal product because THC less than 0.3%. Authorized for sale. Do not process. Product intended for infusion. Delivered in hermetically sealed packaging. Each package is sealed. Producer and distributor are no longer responsible for contents if seal is broken.

Cannabinoids are sensitive to light. To ensure that your hash or flowers retain their full potency, please store them away from light, heat and humidity. All our products come from hemp varieties authorized by the European Union. They are not medicinal products and should not be used as such.

What our customers say about

  1. Vick -

    I take it straight into my mouth, 2-3 lozenges a day

  2. Beny Amin -

    PS: this is not a candy!

  3. Beny Amin -

    I can't really testify to the potentially relaxing effect, given my medication, but I can't afford to give it a bad mark.


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