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The Ripper offers sweet aromas and an incredible floral fragrance. Crisp and dense in appearance, with a dark color, it is very powerful and will provide you with intense effects.

10 OH HHC is a highly potent legal product, different from CBD in its psychoactive effects. Use in moderation, preferably by experienced users. Do not consume before driving. Do not use if pregnant or breast-feeding.

100% legal
Manual manicure
Neo-canna binoide
100% efficient
Culture Greenhouse
THC content

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Product features :

  • THC <0,3%
  • CBD <20%
  • 10 OH HHC 25%
  • Greenhouse cultivation
  • Taste: Floral
  • Genetics: sativa
  • Head size: medium
  • Texture: dense
  • Power in the mouth: strong
  • Effect: very powerful effects, only for informed consumers


10 OH HHC products are legal and highly potent CBD derivatives. They differ from CBD in their psychoactive effects. To be consumed in moderation, preferably by informed users.

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Legal and quality 10 OH HHC resins and flowers

Our products come exclusively from controlled suppliers and are derived from hemp varieties authorized by the European Union. Product analyzed in an independent laboratory.

Each batch of 10 OH HHC THE RIPPER flower has a certificate of analysis attesting to a THC content of less than 0.3%. Legal product because THC less than 0.3%. Authorized for sale. Do not process. Product intended for infusion. Delivered in hermetically sealed packaging. Each package is sealed. Producer and distributor are no longer responsible for contents if seal is broken.

Cannabinoids are sensitive to light. To ensure that your hash or flowers retain their full potency, please store them away from light, heat and humidity. All our products come from hemp varieties authorized by the European Union. They are not medicinal products and should not be used as such.

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