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Nouveau lot!

CBDOO has chosen its favorite of the moment: Blueberry, medium-sized dark green buds, rather compact and sticky, as you can see in the photo below. With its light floral fragrance, Blueberry promises a taste that's even more floral and sure to delight!

100% legal
Manual manicure
No chemical additives
INDOOR Culture
THC content



Product features:

  • THC : < 0.3%
  • CBD : < 10%
  • Taste: floral, berry
  • Culture: indoor
  • Parents : -
  • Curing: 3 months
  • Drying time: 2 weeks
  • Genetics: indica
  • Head size : Average
  • Texture : Compact, sticky
  • Power in the mouth: strong
  • Effect: powerful, soothing and relaxing

Treat yourself to relaxation and well-being with Blueberry CBD

Through this description, we've chosen to present our current favorite: Blueberry CBD. This is a new batch of flowers that will delight lovers of floral flavours and aromas. Grown indoors, this hybrid demonstrates CBDOO's expertise in the production and marketing of natural CBD flowers. What do you need to know about this new arrival in our CBD Shop? Let's find out!

Blueberry CBD: genealogy of a quality strain

For many specialists, Blueberry is a classic and timeless CBD flower. Originally used for medicinal purposes, this variety still enjoys a good reputation today, for a number of reasons. Firstly, for its genealogy. It's an indica-dominant CBD flower, the result of a hybridization of two varieties: Fruity Juice and Afghani.

As its name suggests, Fruity Juice or Juicy Fruit is a CBD flower with a very fruity, exotic taste. It has a reputation for arousing the senses and providing a well-balanced effect between pep and sweetness. Afghani, also found in Critical Mass HHCPO, is a famous variety from the mountains of Asia. It is sweet and slightly spicy.

It's the combination of these two genetics that gives Blueberry CBD its fruity aroma, very similar to that of blueberries. In fact, it's from this aroma that the name of this indica derives: Blueberry means blueberries in English. However, this seductive floral fragrance is not the only asset of this CBD flower. Its appearance, and above all its effects, will leave you speechless.

A charming, natural variety

Our indica is grown indoors, without GMOs or pesticides. This natural method of cultivation promotes the growth of cannabis plants in optimal conditions. Here, temperature, humidity, light and nutrients are supplied to the seeds in sufficient proportions to produce beautiful flowers rich in active ingredients.

This is reflected in the appearance of Blueberry CBD flowers. Their density is low, but their heads are medium to large. Their dark green color is quite pleasing to the eye. Their texture is compact and sticky. They contain less than 0.3% THC and around 10% CBD.

Blueberry CBD: typical indica sensations

Like Wild Straw THCP, our hybrid delivers all the sensations usually associated with indica. In fact, Blueberry CBD offers deep relaxation and a calming effect. This natural strain will soothe your tensions and bring you total relaxation. It soothes your senses, while giving you a feeling of physical and mental well-being.

Given its soothing and relaxing effects, our hybrid is appreciated by many consumers prone to stress and anxiety. The latter report that this inexpensive indica has helped improve their mood and state of mind. Others suggest that Blueberry CBD flower helps relieve inflammatory processes, muscle and joint pain.

Consumed at the end of the day or in the evening, our hemp flower is also said to help combat insomnia. In addition to these supposed properties, this natural product is also associated with feelings of temporary euphoria and punch. These euphoric effects are hardly surprising, given the presence of Fruity Juice in this indica's genetic make-up.

As you can see, if you want to indulge yourself with a natural product that combines deep relaxation and mild euphoria, Blueberry CBD is certainly the perfect choice. You can enjoy it whether you're a beginner or an experienced user.

How to use this natural hemp flower

To consume the flowers of this indica, you can infuse them in a fatty substance (cocoa butter, crème fraîche, whole milk, etc.). They can also be vaporized, if you have the right accessories. Finally, you can crumble these flowers into your culinary preparations to enhance taste and smell.

No matter how you consume it, you'll soon feel the sweet floral scent of Blueberry CBD. In addition to the sweet smell of blueberries, this inexpensive indica also has a wild berry fragrance . It's also characterized by floral and sweet berry flavours.

CBD flower accessible to all consumer profiles

At CBDOO, we pride ourselves on offering natural products at affordable prices. Blueberry CBD flowers are no exception. Available from our online store in a range of weights, they are accessible to all budgets.

For individual consumption, 1, 4 and 10 gram pouches are available. Would you like to enjoy this indica with a group or small group? Choose our 20, 50 and 100 gram sachets. In all cases, the product keeps well for a long time, even after opening. Simply store in a cool, dry, dark place, between 15 and 21°C.

Buy Blueberry CBD online and enjoy numerous customer benefits

To buy Blueberry, simply visit our e-commerce site and place your order in just a few clicks. We have a flexible payment policy, allowing you to pay by the means of your choice: Visa, MasterCard, CB. What's more, we have a secure site where your personal data is fully protected.

At CBDOO, the online purchase of Blueberry CBD or any other product is synonymous with numerous customer benefits: free shipping, a discount of at least 10%, daily delivery to a relay point or to your address. With every order, you'll receive a free product of your choice. A great opportunity to try our CBD derivatives.

Important information

All the products available on our site comply with European cannabis legislation. However, they are forbidden to minors, pregnant and breast-feeding women. Like Blueberry CBD, they are not medicines and cannot be used as such.


What our customers say about

  1. Ulrich -

    Surprised by the scent and taste of blueberry, which I fully appreciated, I wasn't expecting so much!

  2. Perpan -

    Big smell as soon as I opened the pack, former "real" consumer and now I'm bluffed by its good taste.

  3. Licko19 -

    Very happy with my purchase, nothing to report everything is ok

  4. Oscar M. -

    satisfied, I took 4g to taste it and it's not bad at all

  5. Malfooz -

    sweet taste i'm satisfied with my order

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