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CBDOO selects for you the best CBD products

100% natural and from the best European growers


Our products correspond perfectly to their descriptions. You will not find any leaves, stems or seeds there.

Our products contain a THC level of less than 0.2%

All of our orders reach their destinations. A tracking number allows you to track the delivery.

Your order, hermetically sealed inside a neutral envelope, is prepared within 12 hours, 7 days a week.


We offer free grams for every
order of flowers or hashes.

4 grams from 50 €
8 grams from 100 €
12 grams from 150 €

Fast delivery that meets your expectations

We know that for many customers buying on the internet, delivery is an essential element of satisfaction. This is quite normal and to meet this need, we do everything to ensure fast and quality deliveries.


Thus, you can benefit from CBDOO’s express delivery service. Indeed, in 24 to 48 hours after shipment of your order, you will receive the package you ordered. Moreover, our logistic teams pack the ordered products carefully in solid packaging and adapted to the sending of CBD products. The freshness of the products is preserved and they arrive in perfect condition.


Secondly, we always want to give our customers the maximum choice. This is why, when you validate your order, you can choose between two different types ofchoose between two modes of delivery. With home delivery, the package will be delivered directly to your home as soon as possible.

If you are not at home, you can choose to have it delivered to a pick-up point.

In this way, you will be able to pick up your order whenever you want.

A wide range of products for all needs

Finally, we want our customers to be able to find all the products they need in our online store. Therefore, we have put together a complete range of CBD products. You can find CBD in all its forms: CBD resin, CBD oil or even vaporizers.

One of our most requested products is the CBD flower. For this reason, we offer many varieties of flowers, indica as sativa, such as Gorilla BLUE, Orange KUSH or Amnesia in CBD version.


All these flowers are cultivated and harvested in a natural way. Moreover, the rates of THC which we post are perfectly in conformity with the plants sold by our care. Indeed, we do not add crystals to artificially increase the rate of CBD present in our flowers. 


The flowers of CBD can be cultivated in three different ways:
– Outdoor
– Under greenhouse
– Indoor


We prefer Greenhouse and Indoor cultivation, because the CBD flowers obtained are better quality. Indeed, the cannabis plant develops harmoniously in a controlled environment and perfectly adapted to its growth.

We obtain our CBD hash thanks to hemp flowers. The asset of these products is to have an important rate of CBD.


We sell only products intended for infusion or vaporization. These hashes are delivered in a hermetic packing with tight closing. The gustatory taste is thus preserved for the delivery route.

Plant oils are one of the most effective ways to take CBD. Indeed, the effect is fast, because it takes only 20 to 40 minutes to feel the effects. Moreover, they can last up to 6 hours.


Moreover, each bottle contains a pipette to control the dosage in a precise way. You can consume CBD at any time thanks to this format easy to carry when you travel.


The CBD oils offered by CBDOO are said to be FULL SPECTRUM. In other words, all the natural substances of the hemp are present. Thus, each bottle has cannabinoids, terpenes, but also flavonoids.

For the most undecided of our customers or for the most curious, we propose the discovery box. Each one contains a set of high quality cannabis flowers selected by us. If you have never consumed CBD before, this is definitely a fun and convenient way to try it.


Our discovery offer consists of three different boxes:

– The Discovery Box 

– The Small Bud Discovery Box

– And finally the Small Bud Master Box


All of them allow you to test different cannabis flowers in a low cost box. Depending on the CBD plants contained in the Box, you can find between 1 and 10 grams per flower. In any case, the set proposed always contains at least four different types of flowers. These boxes are perfect if you like to vary the pleasures. Moreover, it is the most practical way to test other flavors of CBD flowers if you are already an expert.


Better for your health than electronic cigarettes, CBD vaporizers allow you to carry some CBD with you at all times. The inhalation ensures that you enjoy the benefits of the plant without facing unwanted toxic inhalations.

We offer you complete kits with a PAX 3 vaporizer. This way, you can test this other way of consuming CBD with ease. These kits contain:
– Semi-filled oven lid
– Concentrate insert
– Multifunctional tool
– Protective case
– Three racks


If you wish, you can also opt for the PAX 2 vaporizer sold alone. It is a robust product that comes with a 10 years warranty.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is one of the most famous cannabinoids among the 113 different components of the hemp flower (Cannabis sativa L.). CBD is a molecule acting on the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for the functioning of a large number of biological actions such as sleep, mood, or pain sensation.


Is CBD a drug?

CBD does not induce psychotropic effects = it does not cause any alterations of the mind and senses.


Why choose CBDOO?

Ordering CBD from the CBDOO.store online store guarantees:

An unbeatable value for money.
An available and responsive after-sales service. Our expert advisers are accessible 6 days a week by email, chat and telephone.
An express delivery service, within 24-48H. Home delivery or delivery point all around France.

The purchase of CBD is possible in specialised online and physical stores. French pharmacies do not offer CBD in its natural form *. Ordering CBD from the shops around the corner can be particularly expensive. The prices charged are approximately 2 to 2.5 times higher than those charged on Cbdoo.shop and the CBD is very often of much lower quality. *Only Sativex is available in pharmacies. CBD medicine, obtained under prescription, for people diagnosed with epilepsy.

Our customer feedback confirms that CBDOO is one of the best online CBD shops. The quality of the products is our number 1 priority. Regarding our flowers and resins: we go and select our flowers directly from the producers. Our CBD oils are authentic Full spectrum and therefore contain all of the cannabinoids naturally found. Our second priority is customer satisfaction: our team makes every effort to be close to your needs and to satisfy you. By chat, email or telephone, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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CBD is legal throughout the European Union as long as it comes from authorised varieties and contains less than 0.2% of THC. Concerning France: a decree of August 22nd, 1990 limited the marketing of hemp on the French territory to fibres and seeds only. A judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of November 19th, 2020, clarified the situation by specifying that a national measure which prohibits the marketing of CBD extracted from the entire plant constitutes an obstacle to free circulation.

Source: https://www.drogues.gouv.fr/actualites/cannabidiol-cbd-point-legislation


Order in complete safely


Your products at home within 24 to 48 hours


By your side 7 days a week!


Our priority!


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